Wrestling Provides a Unique Approach to Self-defense

Wrestling stands as one of the oldest and most popular sports throughout human history, and for good reason.  Wrestling provides substantial benefits to participants and the benefits of such training can extend well beyond physical conditioning.  ACE offers comprehensive wrestling classes to individuals of all fitness levels and ages and will quickly have you on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

Wrestling classes at ACE provide a unique approach to self-defense.  Wrestling teaches students to use a variety of techniques designed to bring opponents to the ground through various grappling, clinching and submissive positions.

Offers Enhanced Fitness and Strength Training

Wrestling sessions at ACE are enhanced by fitness and strength training exercises.  The key to utilizing many of the techniques used in wrestling requires considerable strength.  And the better overall shape an individual is in, the longer they will last against a tough opponent.  Using this combination of fitness and wrestling training, members will quickly find themselves become toned and in better overall health, allowing them to feel encouraged from their own progress.  This provides an excellent opportunity for those that need to get in shape and provides enough excitement to keep members wanting more. The benefits of wrestling do, however, extend beyond physical advancement.  The wrestling sessions at ACE will also help you build stamina and self-confidence.  Both of these will help prepare you for the many challenges you will face in life.  You will learn how to think quickly under pressure and how to overcome even the most grueling obstacles.  You will also develop your strategic skills and may be surprised to see how many of your other daily skills become much easier after just a few sessions of wrestling.

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