Self Defense Classes

self defense classesOften when we think of the phrase “jiu-jitsu” self defense we picture a violent, big screen confrontation involving aerial acrobatics, cringe-inducing sound effects, and at least one person waving swords.  But in reality, jiu-jitsu self defense is not just for action stars.  It is a terrific activity for healthy family members of almost every age and a great way to learn self defense.  Jiu-jitsu Self Defense Classes provide a wonderful introduction to personal self defense techniques; it encourages self-discipline; it is a fantastic exercise; it is a great deal of fun; and it will give you a firm foundation in self defense.


Self Defense Classes Teach “The Art of Softness”

self defense classesJiu-jitsu means, literally, “the way of yielding” or “the art of softness.” It is an umbrella term that encompasses many forms of Japanese martial arts and self defense that focus on grappling and striking movements.  But, one of the more interesting features of jiu-jitsu self defense is that, unlike other self defense techniques, it also trains practitioners how to utilize an opponent’s strength and energy against him.  Most self defense classes will also focus on joint-locking techniques that immobilize all or part of an opponent’s body, reducing the need for direct confrontation.

This is not to say that jiu-jitsu students aren’t taught how to throw a punch in ACE’s Self Defense Classes. They most certainly are, and are taught to target vulnerable parts of the body for self defense. In ACE’s Self Defense Classes students learn weapons combat as well. Though striking techniques and weapons techniques may vary from school to school, the weaponry used are the same all over.  Students practice with both short and long swords, knives, short truncheons, and three-foot or six-foot long staffs.

Practical and Effective Self Defense Classes

Although there are no set curricula between self defense schools, American Jiu-Jitsu tends to focus on practical, effective Self Defense Classes. It does not matter how big or how lithe you are.  Jiu-jitsu relies not on strength or brute force, but rather on the application of pressure on sensitive areas of the body to inflict enormous pain, and thus to defuse or control an attack and to discourage an attacker from continuing.

If you want to have a lot of fun while getting a great workout, you might consider self defense classes. At Ace Jiu Jitsu you will learn self-discipline and confidence, as well as all the moves you need to become excellent in self-defense.

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