Self Defense Classes in BJJ: A Practical Approach

self defense classesIn recent years, there have been many trends in the martial arts towards sport training. Traditionally, those interested in enrolling in a martial arts school did so to enroll in self defense classes, With Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you can enjoy the proverbial best of both worlds. BJJ provides a sportive training method to help develop necessary self-defense skills that work in practical application.

The key point here is the applications taught in the self defense classes are practical and based on real world scenarios. Once huge benefit to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, both its standing and ground applications, are tailored for events that may occur in actual self-defense scenarios.

One of the most common attacks that are experienced in a self-defense situation would be grabbing. Aggressors will grab clothing, hair or limbs for a variety of reasons. They may wish to hold you in place to hit you or they may try to move to you another location. The ability to release grips and grabs or turn such actions into throws or joint locks are paramount in dealing with certain violent situations.

The ground aspect of the BJJ self-defense classes will cover extremely important material.

When one person is on the ground pinned by another, that person it at severe risk of suffering a blunt trauma attack. The ability to get up off the ground as quickly as possible or assume a better position on the ground so as to launch an offensive attack. The inability to fight from a position on the ground can leave you very weak and vulnerable. BJJ self defense classes can offer solutions to what is commonly called ”the concrete arena.”

There is another huge advantage to enrolling in BJJ self defense classes.

BJJ is an art rooted in principles of leverage. This allows a smaller and weaker person to be able to deal with a threat posed by a larger and stronger aggressor. The ability to use leverage to overcome aggression makes these self defense classes perfect for women and children.

Another benefit to Jiu Jitsu self defense classes would be this art is perfect for restraining someone without hurting him. In many situations, striking someone is simply not warranted. Controlling and restraining the person so he ceases to be a danger to himself or others might be the best action to take in a number of circumstances.

Most helpful would be the sportive training component to BJJ classes. Training athletically provides the experience and attributes capable of making your self-defense techniques work.

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