Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Training teaches participants (also known as nak muay in the sport) to utilize the full capabilities of their limbs in overcoming opponents.  Such a daring discipline has earned Muay Thai the nickname “Art of Eight Limbs” because nak muay are taught to fully utilize their limbs during combat.  Muay Thai Training provides significant physical and even mental enhancements for participants and is quickly gaining popularity as one of the most exciting and effective martial arts styles.

Muay Thai Training is a More Effective Combat Strategy

In addition to teaching participants powerful punching and kicking, Muay Thai Training also utilizes elbows and knees.  This allows a fighter to utilize both clinching and striking techniques simultaneously, thus resulting in a much more effective combat strategy.  Participants are also able to use their elbows and knees as secondary offensive measures if their hands or feet become disabled for any reason.

Muay Thai Training Employs Powerful and Exciting Moves

Muay Thai employs a large selection of powerful and exciting moves that will teach participants to use their bodies in ways they never believed possible.  This includes the traditional cross, hook and swing punches offered by most martial arts disciplines coupled with more specialized punches, including the cobra punch and spinning backfist. Specialized kicking styles are included as well, such as the jump kick or famous roundhouse kick. The well trained Muay Thai instructors at ACE can quickly get you started in learning each of these specialized techniques.

Physical conditioning is vital for the success of Muay Thai Training, but it’s something that will occur naturally during each lesson.  ACE’s instructors will help you build and tone your muscles while you lose weight, enhancing the experience gained from each Muay Thai Training session.  With Muay Thai Training your punches will move faster, your kicks will land harder and you’ll gain every bit of motivation you need to continue your fitness journey and finally attain the body you’ve been working so hard for.

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