Kids Self Defense

kids self defenseWhen parents are considering activities in which to enroll their kids, self-defense and martial arts classes are not often at the top of the list.  This is unfortunate, because kids self defense classes are a terrific outlet for a child’s energy.  Moreover, kids self defense martial arts classes teach a child self-respect and respect for others, and they also instill in the child a confidence and a self-discipline that is hard to achieve through other means. The reason for many parents’ reluctance to consider kids self defense is that they have unresolved questions about kids self defense.  We will try to answer those questions about kids self defense.

Is Kids Self Defense Right for My Child?

Parents often want to know if Kids Self Defense is appropriate for their child, even if the child is not athletic.  The fact is that children who have not been successful at a team sport often enroll in self-defense classes, and shine. Team sports tend to glorify only the stars of the team, while children who are not athletic are seen as holding the team back.  This can be very damaging to a child’s confidence.

But in kids self defense classes, the child proceeds at his or her own speed.  Even children who do not progress rapidly are valued as much as the “stars.”  All children receive the same encouragement, regardless of their physical talent.

Parents are also sometimes concerned that kids self-defense classes will “turn their child violent.”  In fact, the opposite is true. Often, children who are violent before enrolling in martial arts classes will learn, through their training, to deal with their anger in non-violent ways.  Children are taught martial arts as a way to channel their energy into personal development, and are specifically taught to avoid using self-defense skills to attack others.  They are taught mutual respect, and to treat others as they would be treated.  The study of martial arts teaches kids not to be bullies.

Safety is Our #1 Focus with Kids Self Defense

kids self defense But the biggest worry that parents have is that their child might get hurt.  And this is a valid concern.  Children have gotten hurt while practicing martial arts.  But those injuries are not different than, or more frequent than, injuries incurred by children playing other sports.  And though martial arts are a full contact sport, everything is geared toward keeping your child safe. Protective gear is required for kids self defense, the floors are padded, and instructors provide patient, step-by-step coaching in every kids self defense technique.

Now, with those questions answered, hopefully this short discussion of Kids’ Self-Defense and martial arts training will show why Ace Jiu Jitsu is the training facility with instructors who are right for your child.

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