Kids Self Defense Classes at Ace Jiu-Jitsu

Want to know an effective way for your child to combat bullying in and outside of the school zone? Ace Jiu-Jitsu offers Kids Self Defense classes, a powerful new outlet for kids of all ages to socialize well, and learn self-respect for themselves and others, while having fun and keeping in great shape! Are you a parent who is worried that kids self defense classes will have an aggressive effect on their child? The opposite is more often than not the case! Consider the negative effects that mainstream contact sports can have on a child’s morale.

Team sports often focus on their superstar athletes, leaving other kids feeling left out, and worse yet even ostracized. Why put your child in a situation that often fosters bullying among its participants? Not only can this produce long-lasting damage to a child’s self-esteem and social skills, but the negative effects of such an experience can have a long-lasting effect on the ways in which a child faces other challenges down the road, whether in school or later on in life, such as in a work environment. But through courses like kids self defense classes, children are taught effective and healthy ways to channel their boundless energy into an activity that promotes personal development through treating themselves and others with respect, and only using their skills for the purposes of self-defense. But in kids self defense classes, we value the fact that every individual progresses at their own speed, and that everyone deserves the same degree of encouragement and attention, regardless of their physical talent.
Kids Self Defense class is focused on teaching kids to avoid becoming bullies and hurting others for sport. Are you a parent who is afraid that enrolling your child into a martial arts course might eventually get them hurt? While it’s true that each and every athletic activity poses hazards for its participants, our instructors at Ace Jiu-Jitsu are committed to patiently and effectively providing your child with step-by-step coaching techniques during our Kids Self Defense classes. Our training facility is equipped with padded floors and protective gear that each child is required to wear during our Kids Self Defense classes. We are committed to keeping a fun, safe and healthy environment for your child to practice martial arts the right way through our Kids Self Defense classes. Are you ready to give your child the opportunity for amazing social and physical growth? Contact us today!

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