boxingWeight loss has become such a hot topic in recent years that many people are forgetting some of the most important aspects in fitness.  Indeed, achieving the ideal weight is important for a healthy lifestyle, but fitness routines should also help participants develop their muscles and self-defense skills.  A greater discipline over the body should also result, allowing participants to stay motivated and develop their bodies even further beyond the class.  It’s all available with ACE Jiu-Jitsu’s Boxing classes.

Strengthen Arms and Legs with Boxing

ACE’S professional boxing instructor, Jimmy Jackson, implements the most effective boxing techniques and will help you achieve results faster than you could have ever hoped for. Our boxing lessons are specially designed to help students strengthen their arms and legs.  You will quickly develop your upper body strength while also toning your lower body.  Additionally, boxing strengthens your core muscles and may finally help you get that six-pack you’ve been waiting for.  Even your muscle’s endurance will drastically improve, allowing you to last longer during a confrontation before growing exhausted.

Boxing as Self-defense

Self-defense is also an important aspect of boxing.  ACE’s trainers will teach you the best boxing techniques for maintaining a strong offensive and defensive stance simultaneously.  You will learn how to easily deflect the blows of your opponent while also landing some powerful hits of your own.  You will even be given the opportunity to spar with other participants in your boxing class to help develop your skills without the risk of injury.

Of course, weight-loss still remains an important aspect of any fitness regimen and it’s one that ACE’s boxing instructors will also help you with.  Building muscle alone burns fat, and the boxing sessions at ACE will keep you moving and help maximize your calorie burning in the long run.  Staying motivated to continue a fitness regimen is also important, and the excitement of boxing lessons at ACE will leave you wanting more after each Boxing class.

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