Adult Muay Thai

 If garnering the motivation to achieve your fitness goals sounds like an unbearable challenge, the answer may be adult Muay Thai.  Adult Muay Thai is a unique discipline that prepares participants for close-quarter combat.  Adult Muay Thai classes at ACE Jiu-Jitsu also helps adults develop more control and discipline over their bodies and mind.  Best of all, motivation is never an issue; one adult Muay Thai session at ACE is enough to keep you wanting more.

Adult Muay Thai Teaches Effective Kicking and Punching

Like most martial arts disciplines, adult Muay Thai teaches students the most effective kicking and punching methods for self-defense.  Adult Muay Thai classes at ACE will teach basic hand techniques, including the cross, hook, swing and uppercut.  However, you will also learn the unique and effective cobra punch and spinning backfist techniques.  The unique diagonal kick and famous roundhouse kick will also become second nature.

Sometimes, the most effective self-defense technique is to disable some or all of your opponent’s defenses.  Doing so typically requires your hands and feet, so how do you then go on the offense while maintaining a strong defense?  Adult Muay Thai offers the solution by teaching you effective clinching techniques to disable your enemy.  Once they are unable to attack, you will then learn to utilize your elbows and knees to weaken your opponent.

Adult Mauy Thai Encourges Acceptance and Support

Don’t let the thought of taking such a self-defense class fool you; adult Muay Thai instructors and participants at ACE Jiu Jitsu encourage an environment of acceptance and support.  Those administering and training in the adult Muay Thai classes aren’t going to judge or degrade you; rather, they will encourage you to make more progress and help you train in the areas that you may seem less proficient in.  You will be able to grow with fellow students in your Muay Thai training classes and may even develop lasting friendships.  After all, the adult Muay Thai training sessions at ACE aren’t just for fitness gurus; our goal is to help get people into the best shape of their life with adult Muay Thai.

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